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Before we jump into all the "how to" material, we'd like to start your Twilight Star Ceiling Guided Tour with a quick overview of the benefits of Twilight Panel Systems.

Twilight is a unique, high-tech, low voltage, digital lighting company that primarily offers lighting solutions utilizing fiber optic and LED technology as well as acoustical treatments.

Twilight's patented acoustical panel design offer a dramatic and inspiring effect that energizes perspectives on acoustic panels, star ceilings and cove lighting.

We're very happy with Twilight products and think they add a distinctive touch to many of our theaters. Twilight allows us to provide a predictable outcome without the mess and fuss of a bundle of loose fibers and an illuminator that has to be buried somewhere.

Ease of installation, low voltage, and simple design without simple effects, are just a few features that make Fiberoptic Studio's family of Twilight Products the best in the market.

Twilight, Winner of "Product of the Year" received awards from Residential Systems, Custom Retailers, and Electronic House at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Associations.

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The Products

Twilight Star Panel System

The Twilight Star Panel™ is the newest technology in digital star lighting. Admiring the night sky can be even more enjoyable indoors with the use of Twilight Star Panel™.


Twilight Star Kits

The Twilight Kit™ is the newest technology in digital star lighting. Admiring the night sky can be even more enjoyable indoors with the use of Epic Sky Tech Panel™. These kits are designed to be a star kit or a custom effect kit.


Twilight's Special Effects

The TWILIGHT’S STAR PANEL SYSTEM with special effects interprets the breathtaking experience of getting lost in the panel's beauty that seems almost too perfect to put into words. There's the recurring visual pattern of scattered dots of light—when they appear in the form of distant stars, constellations, and Northern lights—that is both calming and enchanting. It is simply as “Silence. Awe. Beauty. Peace of mind."


Twilight's Control System

The key to controlling the universe is just finger tap away. Execute moon
phases with ease. Inspire and swoon your guests with a dance of color
resembling the Northern lights. Trigger shooting stars and meteor showers
at will.


Twilight Sky Ceiling Panels™

Trigger relaxation and comfort with authentic illusions of beautiful skies displayed in a slim, dimmable, non-toxic, eco-friendly, daylightbalanced system.