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Surface Mount Twilight Star Panels

Them Twilight Panel™ from Impact Lighting Inc. is the newest technology in digital star lighting. Admiring the night sky can be even more enjoyable indoors with the use of Galaxy Sky Panel™.

Provide your clients the ultimate effect in ceiling design with star clusters, firework display and shooting stars with the convience of clean and simple installation.

Sparkling pin points of light appear through black acrylic panels. Star Panels can be customized by shape, size, quantity and patterns of of light per panels.

Unlimited selection of light patterns are available from a random spacing as in a star field to custom designs and pictures. Light can move, pulse, sequence or alternate to provide unique effects or can simply appear together. Panels may also be used in ceilings, walls for accent panels, limousines or other custom applications. Custom finishes to accent all color scenes. Custom sizes available. Special color effects can be achieved by using colored LEDs.

Surface Mount Star Panels.

Twilight standard Surface Mount Panels are produced with 1” fiberglass. Each panel is wrapped in standard
midnight black fabric. Each panel has a built in, all digital, LED Light source that draws only 2.3 W and is easily “daisy chained” to
other panels for simple and worry free wiring. A 350W power supply will power up to 120 panels.





Key Feature:
• UL fire rated material.
• Realistic Star effect.
• Star effects.
• Controlled independently or via any home automation control via serial command.
• Consists of a simple anchoring system included.
• Shooting star can travel on more than one panel.
• Meteor shower effect option.
• Dimmable via RS232.
• Optional cove lighting effect with Sunset effect, morning sky effect and romance ect etc.
• Variety of star constillation features.
• Wifi star panels available for more flexibility.
• Each panel draws 12V and 2.5W, or 0.2 amps max.

Note: Some panels will come with a shooting star ect, which contain one (1) extra Twilight Star Panel Board light source and will increase the panel another 2.5W, for a total of 5W.

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